The ancient capital of the Roman Gaul and home to the kings of France, Paris hosts a large heritage of history, art and architecture. It has become a bustling capital, melting many different cultures but never losing its “French air”. As a thrilling city, it has a busy nightlife including concerts in exceptional backdrops, shows in the Lido square and the Moulin Rouge,  and numerous nightclubs. Paris is also known worldwide as the European capital of fashion and “haute couture”, inviting you to take a stroll through its shopping areas such as “la Défense”, the biggest shopping mall in Europe.
But the city also keeps a laid-back atmosphere in its romantic districts, copious gardens, parks and typical “cafés”.
With excellent transport connections, it is the perfect point of departure for both,  destinations within France and Europe in general. This makes it an ideal destination for MICE, with amenities adaptable to every kind of event and plenty of recreational activities.

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