Loire Valley

The Loira Valley is the world’s most enchanting tourist destination. Its fairytale castles are rich in the renaissance architecture that was in vogue during the period that saw the castles renovated and expanded. The beautiful and game rich forests, made this area the preferred habitat for its castles. The fairytale castles are surrounded by their splendid garden type settings that bordered the winding Loire river. Start your tour of the châteaux of the Loire Valley at Château d’Ussé, whose magnificence inspired Perrault to write Sleeping Beauty. Or trail Joan of Arc to Chinon, and let you surprise by the elegant ornamental vegetable patches of Villandry.
The Loire Valley is relatively flat and crisscrossed with cycle paths, so you can easily bike to the châteaux via the 800km Loire à Vélo trail. You’ll go through sleepy villages, past fishing boats tethered to riverbanks and tempting wineries.

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