Religious tour in Northern Italy

Market: Leisure
For: Groups
Type: Tour
Length: 8 days
Price from: On request
Destination: Alto Adige, Caravaggio, Dolomites, Europe, Italy, Lombardy, Milan, Novacella, Padua, Pietralba, Trentino, Trento, Treviso, Veneto, Venice, Vicenza, Vigolo Vattaro
Theme: Art and culture, Culture, Nature, Religion
Territory: City, Countryside, Hills, Mountains
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One week tour trough the most important religious destinations in Northern Italy, including the very important Basilica of Saint Antony in Padua and the Birth-Home of Santa Paulina, the first Brazilian Saint, whose main sanctuary is in Nova Trento (Santa Caterina). Guests will visit places of historical and religious importance, often located in charming landscapes.

Program will feature:

  • 1 day in Milan, vith visit to the cathedral, named the Duomo, one of the largest catholic churches in the world
  • Visit to the Sanctuary of Caravaggio, important sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary, located in the plain to the east of Milan
  • Visit to Padua, including the Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua
  • Visit to the Sanctuary of Saint Mary of Mount Berico, on the hills of Vicenza
  • 1 day in Venice, with visit to the Saint Mark Basilica and boat excursion to the 3 picturesque islands of the lagoon, Murano, Burano and Torcello
  • Visit to the sabbey of Saint Mary in Follina, near Treviso
  • Visit to the city of Trento, capital of the Dolomites region in North-Eastern Italy
  • Visit to the birth-home of Santa Paolina, in Vigolo Vattaro. Santa Paolina is the first brazilian saint, but she was born in Italy where she lived for 8 years.
  • Visit to the hermitage of Saint Romedio, located on the top of a mountain rock in the Val di Non
  • Visit to the Sancuary of the Virgin of PinĂ©, in the Dolomites, the place where the Virgin Mary appeared to a local sheperd in the XVIII century
  • Visit to the Sancuary of the Virgin in Segonzano
  • Visit to the Sanctyary of Saint Mary in Pietralba, located in the mountains of Bolzano, in Alto Adige/South Tyrol, at 1520 metres asl
  • Visit to the Abbey of Novacella, in South Tyrol
  • Overnight, private bus, local guides and assistance for the tour.